Opalarie Kurokaze

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Height: 6'2
Weight: 180 lbs.
Age: 28
Born from a clan of hunters in the borderlands of Othard and Ilsabard, her blood family was wiped out at a young age by eastern slavers before she could bare any memory of them. As is the practice of such cruelties in conquests, the young are spared death in favor for the much crueler fate of chains and whips. Cruel as this was, it was a short lived chapter as the only bill of sale for the young woman went to a single owner; a female Daimyo of a small clan in the Hinterlands of Doma.The young Hyur would come to know the noble as her adoptive mother and the woman's clan as her family. The clan was small, but their warriors were fierce, brutal, efficient masters of war, tactics, and strategy. Not to be confined to the mountainous northern borders of Othard, they claimed many great victories and successes all across Ilsabard and Othard to lords and masters that could afford their services. Fear, power, and bloodshed rung with fame and infamy around the savage warriors of her mercenary clan until the treachery of the empire brought about their downfall.It would be many years later when the young girl slave who was purchased and raised in that clan once again appeared. Her story to be told beyond the shadows, the clan's legacy all but forgotten to the world whether by intent or design by those that once used them. Applying the skills, training, and dark arts of that dread clan that adopted her, raised her, and became the family she never knew. She now lives her life as a bounty hunter, the details of her past a secret to many.The heiress to a legacy of darkness and bloodshed, the last of her clan, does she continue the traditions of her clan's ways and reclaim and rebuild what was lost, or accept what is and move on? Will the choice be hers to make for much longer...?

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Opalarie stands taller than the average female of her kind. Her fighter's build and athletic frame suggests a long life of intense physical training. This presents itself in not just her physical build but it is also evident in her extensive skills in several styles of fighting. The lands of her home bordered between the worlds of east and west, with that came the combative arts and disciplines of Ilsabard, Othard, and her own people's ferocius, brutal ways from the far north.She possesses a formal education with functional command of several languages, and she is experienced in matters of subterfuge, strategy, and tactics. Coupled with her physical prowess, her experience and intelligence make her a lethal combatant and in recent years, a great leader of her hall.Her skills have been proven time and again in battles and wars across the star as a mercenary and hired assassin, as was the traditions and way of her clan before she came to Eorzea. Presently, she keeps her skills sharp by working as a bounty hunter, a captain of hunters, a private assassin for those that can afford her skills, and by fighting in several underground fighting circuits; championing several of them multiple times.Though she is able to blend into almost any manner of social circle and is easy to converse and exchange dialogue with, her past has made it difficult for her to trust others. She entreats all with the understanding that nothing is without a price. A cold, calculating professional lies underneath the exterior of this often blunt and brash woman. Yet when those bonds of trust are forged, there are fewer more loyal than she. For those she calls friend, that price is always worth paying.